Mission / Vision

As Christ’s people at FLC Gainesville it is our Mission to:

  • INVITE others into a relationship with Jesus Christ, to
  • DISCIPLE young and old as Christ’s faithful followers, and to
  • SEND one another out as ministers in His name.

As Christ’s people at FLC Gainesville it is our Vision to:

  • Blessed and guided by the Holy Spirit, FLC Gainesville is an open, welcoming community of God’s people, grounded in Holy Scripture, and compassionate in caring for one another and our community. Our worship life embraces the best of historic Lutheran liturgy and hymnody as well as contemporary music, and invites men and women of all ages to leadership roles.
  • Our mission and ministry to the poor and vulnerable in our community and throughout the world are central to the life of FLC.
  • We care for those in our congregation while ministering to all students and staff of our neighboring campuses.
  • Educational opportunities as well as social activities are offered for all ages and stages of Christian life, and we encourage all to seek a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ.

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