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FLC Gainesville has a long & solid history of ministry & mission in the Gainesville area and beyond. That history, along with our current vision, is reflected in our refreshed logo:


With the white cross formed by the four rounded squares, our logo reflects our foundation and direction in Jesus Christ and Him alone (1 Corinthians 1:18-25).

FLC Gainesville has had multiple names in the past. Our present name is First Lutheran Church. Our original name was St. Matthew Lutheran Church. The current branding decision — to use the moniker FLC Gainesville — reflects not only a posture toward simplicity, but also humility.

That said, we believe we have a proud history and that is reflected in the orange square on the bottom left. We emerge out of our storied past and the ministry done in decades gone. As we emerge from this solid footing we seek to grow beyond where we are now as we INVITE, DISCIPLE, and SEND.

These three essential mission statements are reflected in the three blue squares and in the words undergirding our church’s name.

If you are a member of FLC Gainesville or would like to use our logo for church newsletters, t-shirts, etc., you are more than welcome to. We ask that you use the following logos. If you are not a member of FLC Gainesville or one of its staff, please ask permission before utilizing any of the following branding materials:


FLC Logo — Side View


FLC Logo — Side View (Transparent Background)


FLC Logo — Side View (Monochrome)


FLC Logo — Vertical Profile Pic Version


FLC Logo — Vertical Profile Pic Version (Transparent Background)


FLC Logo — Vertical Profile Pic Version (Monochrome)


Alternate Lutheran Student Fellowship (LSF) Logo


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