Puzzling Passages of Paul: New Bible study starts Feb. 3

Have you ever read some of the New Testament and done a double-take? Reading the Bible can not only lead to confusion about what the writers meant, but conundrums about how some aspects of Scripture do not conform to modern sensibilities about particular issues.

On Sunday, February 3rd Pastor John will kick off a new study series to tackle the “Puzzling Passages of Paul” using the book of the same name by Anthony Thiselton, Emeritus Professor of Christian Theology and Head of Department in the University of Nottingham, UK.

Few Christian writings have had the world-changing impact of St Paul’s epistles to the churches, and yet from the very beginning these works proved themselves to be tricky texts. The Second Letter of Peter, commenting about them, says: “There are some things in them that are hard to understand” (2 Pet 3:16). Indeed! To this day many issues of their interpretation remain highly contested. In this book, Anthony Thiselton grasps the nettle and examines forty puzzling passages from Paul’s epistles. He considers the various scholarly proposals about their meaning and offers his own reflections in the hope of dispersing fog and shedding light, and of expounding a coherent and self-consistent Paul.

Join us each Sunday morning through Lent at 8:30am for coffee and donuts followed by what promises to be an engaging, and challenging, Bible study.

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