Why Choose Open Arms?

Safe Surface Play Areas

We have 3 safe outdoor play areas: Rubberized, Sand Box, and Covered areas.

Huge Learning Library and Media Center

We have a kid safe computer lab and hundreds of fun books to check out!

Massive Multipurpose Room (MPR)

Our inside play and multipurpose space is perfect for when we need to get all of our kids together or when it’s too hot to play outside. 

Modern and Vibrant Classrooms

Our classrooms feature bright and educational displays, plenty of room to wiggle, and structure enough to help your students prepare for school in the years to come!

Convenient schedule

We are open from 7:00AM to 5:30PM Monday through Friday.

Our Events Calendar is online!

Convenient location

Located 5 blocks north of UF campus, and 5 blocks west of 13th street, next to First Lutheran Church.

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