FLC Endowment Fund

Our Endowment Fund was established in 1998 to manage the assets donated to First Lutheran by members in accordance with their desires and within the context of our congregation policies. Currently, funds have been allocated to such mission projects as eyeglass clinics and student scholarships which are part of our church’s Nicaragua connections. Local mission efforts have included financial support for parents sending their children to our Open Arms Child Development Center. All are eligible and welcomed to join in this effort.


Endowment Fund Announces
2015 Proposal Period
Have you ever thought, “Gee, I had a great idea for a project…” or “Boy, would I like to…” or “I could sure use some help with…” only to be followed by the idea-killing “BUT”s that comes with a lack of funds? That’s where The First Lutheran Endowment Fund comes in – we can help turn the “BUT” into a “YES!”

The EF Board is pleased to announce our 2015 proposal period for projects that support the work and mission of First Lutheran. Take a moment to think through your project or need. Then provide the following information:

a. Name of project
b. Purpose of project
c. Contact person
d. Amount requested
e. What’s your plan for use of funds?
f. How are you going keep track of the funds (accounting)?
g. Source of potential matching funds
h. Any other Who, What, When, Where, Why and How not covered above

We ask that you provide the EF with an update on how the project turn out, between 3 and 6 months after the award is made.
Send proposals to ArleneOnEnergy_at_gmail.com or leave in the Endowment Fund mailbox at the Church office by June 30, 2015. Please know that the EF may support multiple projects or none at all, as the Holy Spirit inspires us to do.
We look forward to reading about your projects and ideas!

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