Job: A Lenten Sermon Series

One of the Bible’s greatest wisdom books is the book of Job. This Lent we will explore this magnificent composition that is numbered among the greatest literature of all time. Nine sermons will help us dig deeply into Job’s central message and supporting truths, while six adult Bible classes will further address the book’s major topics and themes.

We all suffer—personally and privately. We also suffer in more public ways. A husband loses a job. A child gets the news that their parents will be divorced. A parent dies. And now, thanks to the media, we are able to see and experience more and more of the world’s catastrophes and suffering. We need the book of Job, now, more than ever.

Martin Luther asserted that “Job is magnificent and sublime as no book of Scripture.” Others have called Job “the Shakespeare of the Bible.” The early Christian scholar Jerome perhaps put it best when he called the book of Job an, “eel,” since the more one tries to contain it, the slipperier it becomes! The purpose of our Lenten emphasis is to learn how to apply Job to our lives so that the book becomes less like an eel and more like a loving companion through life’s dark valleys. Preaching plans are as follows:

Ash Wednesday Flying Blind (Job 1:1–12)

Lent 1 Sweet Surrender (Job 1:13–21)

Lent 2 Learning to Lament (Job 3:1–26)

Lent 3 It Is Enough (Job 14:1–14)

Lent 4 Understanding How It All Works Together (Job 23:1–17)

Lent 5 God Speaks in the Storm (Job 38:1–11)

Maundy Thursday On Earth Is Not His Equal! (Job 41:20–34)

Good Friday Tearing Down the Spite House (Job 42:7–9)

The Resurrection of Our Lord I Know That My Redeemer Lives! (Job 19:23–26)

Job’s most famous statement appears in 19:25, “I know that my Redeemer lives.” Christ is alive. He has conquered death and the grave. His word is sufficient. His grace is enough. His love brings comfort and healing. And this Lent these gifts come to us through the book of Job.

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