Jesus: Man of Mystery

Who is this Jesus who tries to keep his identity secret? As Jesus’ public ministry begins, he remains a somewhat mysterious figure. Like a good spy, magician, or stealthy detective, Jesus plays things close to the vest and reveals things only when he is ready. Through six weeks of Gospel readings, we see Jesus begin to reveal himself more and more, while at the same time insisting on keeping his identity a secret. We, who encounter Jesus in the Word, respond to the basic question of Jesus, “Who do you say that I am?”

January 7- Baptism of our Lord

Text:  Mark 1:4-11

Title:  The Reveal

Concept:  The Father says, “This my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.”  What did we hear?  What was the reveal?  What does it mean for him and us?

January 14:  Second Sunday after Epiphany

Text:  John 1:43-51

Title:  Now You See It, Now You Don’t

Concept:  Jesus invites to come and see, but it’s not always obviously for what or for whom,  we are looking.

January 21:  Third Sunday After Epiphany

Text:  Mark 1:14-20

Title: An Urgent Appeal

Concept:  Jesus calls his disciples, and immediately they follow.  They do not know why yet, or what it all entails.  What will Jesus reveal?

January 28:  Fourth Sunday after Epiphany

Text:  Mark 1:21-28

Title:  Extra! Extra!  Read All About It!

Concept:  Jesus insists his identity be a secret, yet his actions stir the people to spread the news.

February 4:  Fifth Sunday after Epiphany

Text:  Mark 1:29-39

Title:  Secrets, Secrets, Secrets

Concept:  Jesus continues to command that his identity be kept his secret.  However, his healings prompt people to come out of the secretive shadows for healing.

February 11:  Transfiguration Sunday

Text:  Mark 9:2-9

Title:  Identity Exposed

Concept:  The words  of the Father on the Transfiguration mountain are similar to those spoken at the Baptism.  This time, much more is revealed of Jesus’ glory and mission.  He sets his face to Jerusalem.

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