Ezekiel Summer Study

It’s easy to get confused when you open up the book of Ezekiel. The book begins with one of the most intense prophetic commissions you could imagine. The book then launches you into a vision filled with strange things such as human but animal-like creatures, wheels within wheels, and fluttering wings that sound like an army. It’s all pretty strange.

The book doesn’t let up from there either. Ezekiel is asked to preach to a valley of dry bones, cook his meal over human waste, and play toy soldiers in the streets of the city he preaches in.

As bizarre as the book of Ezekiel can be, it also has deep, time-tested, and important messages to convey to us today. With that in mind, FLC’s pastors are going to crack open Ezekiel with you this summer starting June 17th at 8:45 am.

Come for donuts and coffee and a chance to dig into one of the more difficult books of the Hebrew Scriptures and be rewarded with a richer understanding of the world Ezekiel worked in and the meaning of his message for our lives and callings in the here-and-now!

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