Middle School and High School Bible Study

Middle School and High School Bible Study

time 8:45 am

Every Sunday from

June 2, 2019


August 11, 2019

This summer all Middle School and High School students are invited to join Stephanie Karolus for a Bible Study on the Master Criminals of the Bible.

Espionage. Fraud. Identity theft. These are crimes committed by sinful guys and gals in the Bible. But don’t shield your eyes from these true stories of good guys gone bad! Some of the master criminals in this Bible Study are heroes of the faith, but at times they failed to trust God. So why are these bad-to-the-bone stories in the Bible? And what do they have to do with your life today? You’ll have to steal away with this criminally good Bible Study to find out!

Join Stephanie every Sunday morning at 8:45 am this summer to learn about these Master Criminals!