LSF Bible Study Night

LSF Bible Study Night

time 7:30 pm

Every Tuesday from

December 5, 2017

Every Tuesday, join us for discussion, study, and time together. We gather in the campus house at 7:30 pm, usually discuss a book or portion of the Bible, and spend some time talking about life and connecting with one another.

Our current study is “Modern Miracles”:

Do miracles still happen? Are they real? If so, what is their meaning and purpose?

Join us as we probe the meaning of miracles and discuss what they actually are from a biblical perspective. 

Week 1 Overview & Introduction

(August 28th)

Week 2 The Miracles of Jesus

(September 4th)

Week 3 The Benny Hinn School of Miracles

(September 11th)

Week 4 Miracles? Doubtful…

(September 18th)

Week 5 Miracle U

(September 25th)

Contact the Pastor Ken for more information!