A Sacred Duty

A Friendly Study of the World’s Religious Traditions

You’ve got your Muslim neighbor, your Hindu coworker, your agnostic niece, and your “spiritual-but-not-religious” running buddy. 

What do you make of all this religious diversity? Where can you start to learn in a compassionate, but critical, way that helps you understand more about religious traditions other than your own?

Look no further than “A Sacred Duty: A Friendly Study of the World’s Religious Traditions” starting 

Tuesday March 12, 2019 at 7pm at First Lutheran Church with special guest:

Matt Hartley 

(Associate Director, University of North Florida Interfaith Center)

The remainder of the series will be led by Rev. Ken Chitwood, Ph.D. candidate with the University of Florida’s Department of Religion and Center for Global Islamic Studies and invited guests.

March 19 — Judaism

March 26 — Islam and Muslims

April 2 — Hindu Traditions

April 9 — Buddhist Traditions

April 16 — “Cults,” Christian Variants, and New Religious Movements

April 23 — The “Spiritual-But-Not-Religious” and the “Nones” 

 Light refreshments will be served, but dinner will not be provided. This series is free and open to the public. It will also involve opportunities for experiential visits to get to know our neighbors at Gainesville’s many places of worship, devotion, and ritual.  

This series will also involve “field trips” for experiential learning opportunities to local synagogues, mosques, temples, and other places of devotion, prayer, ritual, and worship. These events will be held on March 22, March 29, and April 13. More details will be shared during the studies on Tuesday evenings.

Please contact Pastor Ken for more details or with your questions or concerns — ken.chitwood@hotmail.com

“The friendly study of the world’s religions is a most sacred duty.” – Gandhi 

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